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  • Bayer Sensor Technology
    Published : 07/09/2021 | Categories : Default

    One of the greatest things that could happen to digital cinema is if color or wavelength of light could be recorded directly. Sensors would gain two to three stops of dynamic range, around 40% more de

  • Digital Anamorphic - What is it?
    Published : 07/09/2021 | Categories : Default

    The word anamorphic is derived from the latin anamorphosis, ana- meaning back, or again, and morphe meaning shape or form. Put together, it means transformation. Anamorphic refers to the class of imag

    Published : 07/09/2021 | Categories : Default

    In Spring of 2019, Arri announced their new camera the Alexa Mini LF which has changed the game in large format imaging. The Alexa Mini LF has the same size ALEV III sensor as the much larger Alexa L

  • The Expansive World of Filters
    Published : 07/09/2021 | Categories : Default

    A lens filter is a camera accessory that cinematographers use to control the image. On the surface, a filter is a protective glass that can slide in and out of the matte box in order to eliminate the

  • Lighting 101
    Published : 07/09/2021 | Categories : Default

    The modern cinematographer lives in an incredible time of technical advancement. There are so many different ways to shoot a scene, the freedom can be daunting. What camera, with which lens, will impa